Announcements+™ Frequently Asked Questions

No. The application is designed to allow you to create and upload videos without creating a user account.

Yes. You must choose if you would like to record one video for all your QR code stickers OR individual videos for each sticker before you can start recording your video(s).

Videos can be submitted up to two minutes in length, but that does not preclude you from submitting a video shorter than that.

You can edit or record as many videos as you like before choosing one to submit.

No, once a video has been submitted and finalized for the QR code it cannot be changed.

If you are doing one video for all stickers, you’re all set! Just remember to apply your QR code stickers to your printed announcements to send to your family and friends. If you are doing individual videos for each sticker you can scan your next QR code and repeat the process.

Please contact Jostens Customer Service

We will then look up your original order and send a new set of stickers.

Take a photo of the QR code sticker linked to the video, and send to Jostens at

Do not send the video itself. We will review and take action as appropriate. Whether a video is inappropriate and should be removed is not determined by you. Jostens will make the determination of whether the video is inappropriate and should be removed.

Jostens wants to build an inclusive, interactive, positive experience for students to share their special moment with friends and family. Announcements+ is not to be used to intimidate, exclude, foster exclusivity, or spread hate. Do not upload content that is inappropriate or offensive, including but not limited to content that is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory, fraudulent, racist, sexually explicit, violent, profane, bullying, constitutes hate speech, or infringes intellectual property rights of others.

No. If we remove your video because it is inappropriate, we will not provide you with a refund.

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