Their Achievement Fulfills Your Purpose

Jostens is proud to support school leaders like you in your commitment to strengthening student culture, climate, and equity – while championing every student, teacher and administrator to reach their fullest potential. For this reason, we offer innovative programs and product lines that cultivate not only their achievement, but also, your purpose.

Students of all ages thrive when they’re recognized and celebrated for their achievements – whether it’s in the classroom, on the soccer field, or at drama club. By partnering with school leadership to recognize, capture, and inspire pride in accomplishments big and small, we help high schools around the world transform their culture and motivate students to succeed.

And the results are amazing – grades go up, tardiness goes down, and graduation rates improve.

Our innovative Jostens Renaissance Education® program, for example, improves school culture and morale by helping high schools harness the collective positive energy of students and teachers to create extraordinary school experiences – every day.

And through our all-inclusive collection of custom graduation apparel and accessories, class jewelry, and yearbooks that celebrate each student’s journey, Jostens makes it possible for students to look back on their high school experience with pride in their achievements, as they move forward into a promising future.

Because like you, Jostens recognizes the potential in every student. We understand that their achievement is your fulfillment, and are proud to be your partner in this pursuit.



Through innovative programs like Jostens Renaissance Education®, which improves school culture and morale, and SchoolMark, which builds strong school brands, Jostens helps high schools harness the collective positive energy of students and teachers to create extraordinary school experiences every day.

high school graduation

High School Graduation

Graduation is an exciting milestone for students and a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be celebrated. Jostens makes it easy for schools, parents and seniors, with one-stop shopping for apparel, announcements, keepsakes and class jewelry. So, seniors can celebrate with pride and commemorate their big moment for years to come.

hs class jewelry

High School Class Jewelry

Today’s students are looking for more than traditional class rings to honor whatever it is that makes them proud. That’s why Jostens offers a wide variety of modern, state-of-the art ring designs, plus new jewelry options like bracelets, lockets, necklaces, and tags. It’s our way of helping students celebrate their proudest moments now, and into the future.

High School Yearbook High School Yearbook

High School Yearbook

There’s nothing quite like a high school yearbook. It captures moments that tell the unique stories of each and every student. Jostens takes it further with a combination of journalism education and technology tools to create a learning experience that helps students develop 21st century skills in photography, writing, design, leadership, and business.