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College Class Rings

Wear your story for years to come. You deserve something special to represent your college journey and accomplishments. Choose from a large selection of high-quality class rings you can customize. Explore our distinct collections to find your look.


Jostens wants students to feel great about their achievements and their graduation products. Our team is committed to investing in sustainable materials and developing eco-conscious practices that make the world a better place for the next generations. Enjoy responsibly sourced stones, biodegradable graduation gowns and regalia made from recycled materials.*

*Select products are made with eco-conscious materials.

Learn More About College Regalia

College commencement is one of the biggest events in the academic world. Students receive the long-awaited reward for their hard work and dedication to getting their degrees, marking a vital stepping stone in a person's life. 

And a big part of that ceremony is graduation regalia, which enhances the experience and builds ties with a tradition that spans many centuries. Today, it's hard to imagine any graduation without regalia and special graduation attire that symbolizes graduate status and has a strict set of rules depending on the type of diploma given.

Most of the academic regalia traditions in the United States were carried over from Europe. But they have also evolved in subtly different ways across different educational institutions, creating a set of rules that all graduates should familiarize themselves with so they can order the correct academic dress for the occasion. For instance, bachelors, masters, and doctoral regalia all have different qualities, with differences in the robes, hoods, headwear, and more. 

Because of the various symbols, to get the full experience of graduation, finding the right set of graduation regalia is an essential element of the full graduation experience. Many institutions strictly enforce the rules regarding commencement regalia and will not allow a person to accept their degree without the proper attire.

Types of Graduation Regalia

To better understand how to prepare for the graduation ceremony and what to wear, it's important to know the graduation regalia you’ll need.

● Gowns. The first category of graduation regalia is the gown. It's the most recognizable piece of graduation apparel featuring square sleeves and designed to be worn closed. The gown's color depends on the type of degree being given, with doctoral gowns typically being black. 

● Hoods. An academic hood is an essential part of college regalia. Its size represents the type and subject of degree earned and can also differ based on the institution that awards it. The hood design can vary a lot based on the institution, but typically the coloring and size correlate with the type and subject of the degree.

● Headwear. Besides the hood, a cap and tassel are also essential and worn by every person that is graduating. The color, size, and other features depend on the degree, the institution, and even individual academic achievement. If you need to know doctoral regalia by university, you can search the Jostens online platform, which will display relevant products based on your selected institution.