These unique rings capture accomplishments, interests and personal style with ease. They're classic for a reason - the simple bands are easy to customize, comfortable to wear and go with everything. 


Express yourself boldly with the all-new Insignia Class Band. Choose a symbol of what matters to you most. Wear it loud and proud.

Choose Your Width Choose Your Width

Choose Your Width

Whether you’re into wider rings or prefer to rock a petite band, our Class Bands give you a choice between 10mm or 6mm ring bandwidths.

4 Easy Steps To Design

Customizing your Class Band is as easy as 123...4. Simply pick the style, center, sides and metal that ring true to you – and celebrate your story, your way.


1. Choose Your Style

Select the width you like and the style you love from one of our Class Band collections.


2. Choose Your Center

Highlight the heart of your ring with your choice of stone, initial, or school mascot. 

4 Easy Steps To Design

3. Choose Your Sides

Class it up with a Design-A-Side® or text on one side, and your school name or custom message on the other.


4. Choose Your Metal

Shiny or matte, you’ll find your look from our metals selection.

All Of The Quality, Comfort and Style. One Class Band.

Handcrafted quality. Comfort-fit design. And customized to capture your proud journey. The Class Band has it all. The sleek design brings out the best of your metal, stone and Design-A-Side choices while showcasing your unique style.

Making of The Class Band

Welcome to Denton, Texas — the place where your Class Band is brought to life. Carefully handcrafted and meticulously designed, this high school class ring is the product of distinctive ideas and attention to detail.