In the United States

Jostens sales representatives operate in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Accordingly, Jostens is legally required to collect sales tax in all states that impose a sales tax. Sales tax is calculated during Secure Checkout, based on the zip code, county and state where your order is shipped.

In Canada

For our Canadian customers, Jostens operates in all provinces and territories. Accordingly, Jostens is legally required to collect the provincial sales tax, harmonized sales tax, and/or goods and services tax in the manner prescribed by the applicable taxing authority. Tax is calculated during Secure Checkout based on the postal code, city and province where your order is shipped.

Yearbook and Yearbook Accessories

For yearbook and yearbook accessories distributed by the yearbook staff at school, Jostens is acting as agent for the school in its order placement and cash collection procedures. Sales tax may or may not apply depending on whether the school is required to collect and remit tax in your state.

International Orders

The customer is responsible for paying all required duties and taxes on any order in which the "ship to" address is outside of the United States. Jostens will hold the customer responsible for any costs associated with returning product to Jostens in the event the customer fails to pay such duties and taxes. Upon submitting an order, customers outside the United States agree that he/she will pay all duties and taxes to the courier.

Order Status & Payment

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