Jostens and the Colorado Avalanche Celebrate the Franchise’s Third Stanley Cup with an Incredible Championship Ring Featuring Diamonds and Custom-cut Gemstones

To honor the perseverance and determination displayed by the Avalanche, Jostens is proud to unveil their 2022 Stanley Cup Ring and share the celebration with Avalanche fans everywhere.

Denver, CO, Oct. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jostens is honored to have been selected as the partner of the Colorado Avalanche to craft their Stanley Cup Ring. In a private ceremony, players, coaching staff and ownership received their 2022 Stanley Cup Championship Ring.

“It is truly an honor to be celebrating such a historic win with this incredible organization,” said Chris Poitras, VP and COO of Jostens Professional Sports Division. “We wanted to bring the Avalanche’s championship journey to life and this ring tells that story beautifully. The 2022 Stanley Cup Championship Ring features unique details that hold symbolic significance, and we are proud to be presenting it to the Colorado Avalanche.”

“We are incredibly proud of our third Stanley Cup championship and are excited to commemorate the accomplishment with a unique ring that captures the spirit of our 2022 title run,” said Brendan McNicholas, Avalanche Vice President of Media & Player Relations. “Jostens has been an outstanding partner throughout this process with their professionalism, history and expertise and we can’t wait for our fans to be able to celebrate with this special ring.”

In their glorious return to the Stanley Cup Finals, the Colorado Avalanche displayed inspiring determination and strength, culminating in an incredible game six victory to be crowned 2022 Stanley Cup Champions. Honoring the Avalanche’s third Stanley Cup in franchise history is a championship ring teeming with unique details which artfully depict their championship journey. Expertly crafted in 14-karat white gold set with diamonds, genuine rubies and genuine sapphires the Colorado Avalanche 2022 Stanley Cup Championship Ring is a tribute to their unwavering dedication and teamwork throughout the season.

The ring top proudly features the Avalanche logo and their title of STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS set above 18 custom-cut sapphires. Creating the A are 6 custom-cut rubies, symbolic of the 6-game Stanley Cup Final. The logo is boldly set atop the coveted Stanley Cup. Paying homage to Joe Sakic’s lifetime commitment to the Avalanche and as the only team captain and General Manager to win a Stanley Cup with the same team, 19 diamonds are set in the snow flowing to the hockey puck on the logo. These diamonds total .22 carats, a nod to the 22 years of Kroenke ownership.

An additional 220 diamonds are intricately set, cascading down the ring top. A design element from the team’s jersey is brought to life along the top and bottom edges of the ring top through custom-cut rubies set in the pattern of the “mountain” stripe detail found on their jersey. There is a total of 36 rubies set in the stripes.

The left side of the ring features the recipient’s name, honoring the individual contribution to the Avalanche’s success. Below their name, players receive their jersey number set in diamonds. Set on either side of the player’s number, are two sapphires which symbolize the ’96 and ’01 Stanley Cup victories. Completing the left side the alternate logo found on the shoulder of the team’s home jersey, which is accented with black ceramic – a nod to their 3rd and most recent Stanley Cup title. The background of the left side is a shimmering bed of 80 diamonds.

Displayed at the top of the right side of the ring is the team’s name created in the official Avalanche jersey font. Below are three Stanley Cups, the center Cup is set with 44 diamonds; the Cups to the left and right celebrate the previous franchise Stanley Cup wins. The year-dates of each Stanley Cup title are proudly displayed on the Cups. The background of the right side is completed with 28 diamonds. In total there are 72 diamonds set on the right side, these stones represent the 72 combined regular season and playoff victories won by the Avalanche. This feat tied an NHL record only achieved three times before in the league’s 104 year history.

Flowing from the top of the ring, down the sides and wrapping around the palm are an incredible 184 diamonds. When the stones set in the ring side are combined with the stones on the ring top, they total 650. The exterior palmside of the ring includes a detailed miniature version of the iconic Denver skyline, the home city of the Colorado Avalanche.

The interior of the ring features the team motto “FIND A WAY” with the “A” being the Avalanche logo. Below are the series results from the Avalanche’s dominate playoff run. As a final detail, the date of game six, 6-26-22 can be found on the interior palmside of the ring.

The Colorado Avalanche 2022 Stanley Cup Ring is truly a sight to behold, boasting a staggering total of 669 diamonds, 18 custom-cut genuine sapphires, 2 round genuine sapphires, and 42 custom-cut genuine rubies. In total, these rings have an astonishing carat weight of 18.50 carats of genuine gemstones.


To share the excitement of the Avalanche’s Stanley Cup victory, Jostens is proud to present Avs fans with the official Stanley Cup Championship jewelry collection. Avalanche fans can capture their piece of history and celebrate the success of the franchise with a wide selection of items. All pieces in the collection take inspiration from the official Championship Ring awarded to the Avalanche and are available now for a limited time. Order online at:

The Avalanche are excited to share the excitement of the Stanley Cup even further for those fans who wish to purchase an exclusive piece of history. The Limited Edition Ring is the most similar in design to the rings awarded to the organization, however, there are some distinct differences that differentiate this piece and make it unique. Honoring the 72 combined regular season and playoff wins, only 72 of these rings will be made available to the public for purchase.

In addition to crafting the Colorado Avalanche 2022 Stanley Cup Ring, Jostens is proud to have created the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII and Super Bowl 50 Rings.

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