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Social Media is used on a daily basis by teenagers around the world. You can bring their daily usage into your yearbook. Have you ever thought about making your photos square just like several social platforms? This square format will catch the students eye as they will recognize that from a social app. The more consistent you are the better results you will receive.

We have a top 10 list of quick tips (see below) to get you started building your social media presence for your yearbook. Begin promoting your yearbook, sharing sneak peeks of pages and keep engaging with your school community. We have a great tool called Jostens Social that can help you out with your planning and tracking.



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top 10 Tips for Using Social Media

 Here’s a list of quick tips to get you started building your social media presence.

  1. Define the role of each social media tool.How will your publication use Twitter vs Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, tumblr, etc. Who are the audiences of each platform and what is the best use of each application?
  2. Plan and track your posts. A tool like Jostens social can help you maintain a social media calendar and track usage and analytics.
  3. Set standards for behaviorby posting news, not gossip. Encourage feedback from readers but monitor comments. 
  4. Be inclusive. This is used to promote the whole school, not just the yearbook program.
  5. Be sure to give your readers something, whether it’s stories, teasers, photos, contests, or fun. Try to avoid using social media just to ask for stuff (orders, feedback, etc). 
  6. Use hashtagsto get more visibility and increase readership.
  7. Be accurate. Follow AP style. Make sure student names and grade level distinctions are correct.
  8. Keep it short,posts with fewer characters receive better engagement than longer posts. Write for someone who checks social media accounts for a few minutes between activities.
  9. Make it visual. Add images like photos. If a post is text only, try to stylize it to make it more visually appealing. 
  10. Vary the style of your poststo give your readers a reason to read. Some may be serious and newsworthy, while others may be interactive and fun.