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When you click to submit your school’s story, that’s just the beginning of ours! Meet a few members of the Jostens team, who help manage yearbook printing and publication while maintaining the highest quality standards for your yearbook. They understand attention to detail is essential in publishing. Did you know your book is proofed and quality-checked by our team more than eight times before it leaves on a truck? That's 16 hands and 16 eyes at minimum, working to ensure your book looks its very best.


Four Jostens employees and a brief description of their roles.


This is Michelle. She digitally proofs every page for issues, like spelling errors in headlines or incorrect page numbers.


Garrett is a color manager. He checks to make sure the pages are coming off the press with the highest quality color possible.


Meet AJ, an offset pressman. He oversees the printing of your yearbook. Here, he's examining a single signature to ensure proper print quality.


Cody works with page folding. He examines his work to ensure that it meets top quality standards.


Each of the roughly 800 members at the Jostens plant plays an important role printing more than five million books annually.

Take a quick tour of our plant to learn more about our printing process.

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