1,500 Books in 30 Minutes

Gone are the slow lines. Gone are the confusing “did I buy a book” questions. Get in any line and get a book. The Jostens Distribution Tickets make it that simple.

Yearbook Distribution

The Ticket System Is Perfect For You If:

  1. You want time for one of the best yearbook traditions — signatures and notes from friends.
  2. You want to sell out of yearbooks before distribution day so you don’t need to deal with yearbook sales after distribution has ended.
  3. You want to minimize the number of questions you get on distribution day.
  4. You want to minimize the number of students you need to find to deliver a yearbook. When distribution is done, you’re pretty much done.
  5. Your school requires Student IDs for distribution. Distribution Tickets include not only yearbook order information, but also student photos — so you can be sure each yearbook is given to the correct student.

Hear What Our Advisers Have To Say

Jostens customers enjoy a fast and stress-free yearbook distribution with the help of Yearbook Distribution Tickets. Hear what our advisers had to say about their experience with the program, and get excited for what this system could do for you and your distribution process.